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3 workshops and a party

14 Jun


Three Skill Exchange workshops and a party are all wrapped up for the season at Makeshift Society. Our final workshop was last night, lead by cocktail masters Jill and Genevieve. This series covered a diverse span of topics, from DIY pickled green strawberries, no-sew upholstery, Italian cheese and wine pairings and cocktails and bitters. Makeshift Society was an excellent host, and the space was very flexible for all the schemes we planned and executed over the last two months. I had a huge amount of help from my dear intern, the staff at Makeshift and a handful of very kind volunteers who were insanely helpful, assisting with everything from tickets, heavy lifting, serving, bar-tending, running errands and a whole host of other things.

This series was different from previous workshops in a number of ways, and I learned a good deal of  lessons. The workshops all had higher price points, but we were able to offer more resources as a result. We’re slowly working towards being able to better support our teachers, while also working on a few plans to offer more low-cost public events in the future. I’m collecting feedback from students, and still processing all of the ideas that have come out of this series. Some mistakes were made, but we also had some surprise successes that I’ll continue to implement in future events.

Skill Exchange is on vacation (ha!) for the summer, but we’ll be back in early fall with a whole new lineup, and some new tricks to share!

Final Spring Workshop

6 Jun


Next Thursday is our final workshop at Makeshift Society, exploring the topic of cocktails. Our two workshop instructors have years of experience in the cocktail world, both drinking and creating them for others to enjoy! Genevieve Brazelton makes her own line of cocktail bitters, and is well-versed in crafting the perfect combination of aromatics, flavor and experience. Jill Fitzgerald is a seasoned bartender, and co-owner of the newly opened Outer Mission/Bernal Flats bar, Virgil’s Sea Room. Together, Jill and Genevieve will lead the workshop through a lesson on the basic building blocks of cocktails, and help us understand a bit of history behind classic cocktails, and make a few for us to enjoy. We’ll also do a tasting of bitters, and dive into understanding the purpose and place for bitters in your cocktail. Tickets are limited and of course, open to 21 + over only. Tickets here.

Last week our Italian cheese and wine workshop at Makeshift Society was a wonderful evening of cheese, history and of course, wine. Thank you to our teachers, Sophie and Deena for making the evening such a fun and informative event!

Schedule update: cheese & wine workshop

28 May


Two events down, two more to go! This week we’ve got another workshop at Makeshift Society, one that I am particularly excited about. The topic is Italian cheese and wine, two things very near and dear to me, every single week. I have to admit, cheese is a bit of a mystery to me, and wine is an area that I enjoy very much, but know very little about. When scheduling this workshop, I wanted to create an experience that would help people like me find a balance between loving, and understanding cheese and wine, without getting too intense or pretentious. For $40, this workshop will offer tastings, conversations, and a great, relatable resource guide to help demystify cheese and wine pairings, without overwhelming the senses.

This workshop is for anyone who loves cheese and wine, but isn’t quite confident in their ability to pair the perfect combination. Our two instructors, a Cheese Monger and Advanced Sommelier will lead a small group of eager cheese and wine lovers through a 2-hour introduction to regional Italian cheese and wine, and will of course, include cheese and wine tastings. By the end of the evening you’ll have tasted at least 4 wines and 8 cheeses, and you’ll leave the class with a resource guide and the confidence to dive deeply into the nearest cheese counter or wine shop. Tickets available here.

Last Thursday was our sold-out workshop with Lara Rempel of Box Pleat Design. Lara lead a great introductory workshop for no-sew DIY upholstery. June 13th will be the final workshop of the series, focusing on cocktails and bitters!

Skills, cocktails, goodie bags

14 May


May 17th Skill Exchange Mixer: Skills, cocktails and more! - this Friday!

May 23rd Upholstery Basics: Focus on chairs –only a few tickets remain!

May 30th Cheese Love: A lesson in Italian cheese

June 13th Cocktails and Bitters: How to build a better cocktail

Workshop spotlight: Cheese and wine

8 May


Ever wonder what the difference between burrata and mozzarella is? Or what exactly does pecorino mean? And what about wine?? If you’d like to learn more about how to expertly pair cheese and wine for your next dinner party, picnic or dinner for two Join Sophie Mosgrove, cheese connoisseur and all around lover-of-lactose, and Advanced Sommelier Deena Smith for an evening of cheese and wine tasting and education.

Join Sophie as she explores the regional varieties of Italy’s immensely diverse cheese selection. From the Alps to Sardinia and everything in between, this workshop will uncover some of Italy’s better known cheeses as well as a few secret gems. This workshop will include a lesson in cheese history, vocabulary, a discussion of the basic differences between cheese types. This workshop will include tastings of a variety of Italian cheeses, as well as other tasty accoutrements. This workshop will also include wine tastings, provided by Deena Smith, Advanced Sommelier, with the London based Wine & Spirits Education Trust; and San Francisco Manager for the Henry Wine Group, a Fine Wine Distributor dedicated to Family Estate & Sustainable wines.

This workshop is open to 21 and over only.

About the teachers:

Sophie Mosgrove | Cheese Monger

Growing up in the Bay Area, Sophie has always had a taste for cheese. Her appreciation began at the ripe age of 5, asking for brie and baguette sandwiches for lunch but it wasn’t until she returned to San Francisco after college that the passion truly flourished. Gaining experience at some of California’s most notable cheese counters, Sophie has evolved her love of lactose into the ultimate dream job.

Deena Smith | Advanced Sommelier

Deena Smith’s love of wine began at an early age on a trip to Europe where her chef and artist family helped inspire the world of fine dining. It progressed from there to all regions and she is an industry professional who continues to travel to learn of new and exciting wines and the cuisines that are both historic and important for wine lovers. She consultants regularly with restaurants and bars, and her passion and teaching have inspired many from Industry Professionals to the home wine lover.

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