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What I’m working on

8 Feb

The week has flown by again, and yet I don’t feel quite caught up. It was a productive week however. There was a lot of client work, and I wrapped up the final touches on a new web design project that is being coded by a little css-code-fairy,  as we speak. The project will be live by next week, just in time for me to pack my bags, and fly to New Mexico for a whirlwind tour-lecture-Skill Exchange-work trip. I’ll be visiting Santa Fe and Las Vegas, checking out Parachute Factory, and hopefully working through a long list of recommendations from the lovely lady behind Stitch and Hammer.

Early next week I’ll be sharing our very first Skill Exchange video, a video project that has been months in the making. With help from many friends and contributors, I am excited to finally share it.  If one more day of teasing this video release is just too much for you, just sign up for the Skill Exchange newsletter.  Newsletter subscribers are going to get a sneak peek of the video a day earlier than the rest, in addition to other perks like early ticket releases, and adorably brief messages from Skill Exchange. I kid, but mostly, I promise not to send more than a handful of newsletters, every few months.

And, last but not least, I’ve got something to admit. Over the weekend I got a lesson in fish– which is a good thing, considering how much I have been enjoying our seafood CSA with Sirenseasa. We received a beautiful catch of herring, a fish I have never cooked, prepared, or even eaten. The fish were whole, and it meant in order to taste these little beauties, I had to learn how to scale a fish, clean a fish, and fillet a fish. I was eager. I was excited and nervous too. Intern left the house (partly to do laundry, and maybe also partly to escape this scary new fish-skill). I watched some videos online, I got my apron on, and got to it. Scaling fish? Not bad. Gutting, and cleaning my first fish ever? Not bad either. Filleting was hard, and something I am certain more practice would improve.

Here is the part that is hard to admit: I didn’t like the herring. We grilled it very simply… and I just didn’t like it. I love fish! I want to love herring! but not yet, I’m clearly not ready. I’m told it is a hard fish to love, if you’re not familiar with the oily, fishy flavor, and I want to try again… but I feel a little defeated. I’m glad I learned the skills to deal with a whole fish… but I wanted the reward of a delicious fish dinner too. So here you go, failures happen in our kitchen all the time, I am admitting it just this once.  [Edit: and also this other one time]

Call for Secret Projects

22 Jun

The Secret Project in 35 seconds from kate koeppel on Vimeo.

Hello Friends,

As I have mentioned recently, The Secret Project is taking a summer break until September. I’ll go back to posting weekly projects when school starts, but for now, I am collecting projects all summer long. Do you have a project you’d like to submit? Go ahead friend! Summer trips, summer projects? New recipes and skills? Teach and Share here! Click the ‘Secret Project’ tab up at the top of the page, or click right here for more details, FAQ, and a list of past projects.

If you submit a project over the summer you will still receive a prize, you can chose to defer your prize until your project is published, or you can receive your prize right away.

My hope is that the Secret Project project will continue to grow and evolve through the next year, but it can’t do that without your skills. Share please!

hey friday!

23 Apr


The Secret Project Project from kate koeppel on Vimeo.

So here it is friends. A week’s worth of work, nearly 300 photos, and a whole lot of editing and timing, and figuring stuff out. Phew. Done. But I might make another one, or edit this one down. I can’t even think about it today.

This week we wrapped up our business class, after making 65 goat cheese and fig crostini, and presenting Local Picnic at school. We’ll find out next week if our fake business was a fake success!

Another class is nearly finished! I presented my final stationary system in Typography, and Tuesday I’ll present my final bound book of the history of postage stamps. I don’t actually have the book yet, but I am crossing my fingers the bindery will call today to tell me to come pick it up!

Last but not least, we’re featured on Molly’s blog, First Girl at the Party this week, check it out here!

Happy weekend friends!

one more

21 Apr

can the internet handle one more blog post that is just about school work? one more? ok then, here are a few more photos from my little video-thing I’m making this week.

I’m supposedly the boss of this blog, and this whole internet thing, so I guess I shouldn’t let my self-imposed blogging rules take over my life. I’ve got school work and real life to do,  not blog guilt to keep up with! I still can’t help but feel a little guilty that I’m not doing a good job of keeping up with my kate-made rule of five blogs a week.

But PS internet, I did choose some excellent music for my video, by our friend Rick of Wesafari. He is a good one you know, really, really a good one.

a couple bits

30 Sep

Tomorrow I will post the latest secret project… When this guy isn’t dressed up like a polaroid picture, he is working on projects, learning new recipes, inventing ideas (yes! I mean that) and all sorts of other wonderful things.

I’m heading to the studio in the next hour for a meeting, and some working, and just maybe a break in the sun. Today was my sleep in day, and it was wonderful, except that I woke up with a sore arm. Its probably going to fall off from all the clicking and pointing I’ve been doing on my box lately.

I don’t usually post videos, but this song has been stuck in my head for days.

Basic Space, The xx:

and one more:

and a little more information:


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