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Official business

12 Feb

I’m off on official Skill Exchange business this week, Flying to New Mexico for the week for a few lectures, meetings, and a whole lot of interesting conversation and connection. I won’t be blogging much this week, except to share the newest Skill Exchange video later this week!

Happy Very Merry

24 Dec

Happy holidays to all my friends, readers, visitors and anyone else who pops in from time to time. We’re spending starting the day off with coffee and croissants by the fire, before we join our family for an early dinner. We’re in Seattle for the holiday, but will be back in San Francisco soon enough!

And we’re off

20 Dec

We arrived in Seattle this morning for a few days of family, mingling, visiting, gifting, bananagramming, eating … and hopefully relaxing. Our babies have some fine friends visiting to care for all their needs. Gifts are wrapped, and we packed all our wool for chilly Seattle weather. Don’t snow Seattle, Mill Creek, Redmond and Issaquah, please don’t snow. Family, friends, adventure, and a whole lot of eating awaits us in Washington. We’re ready for you!


A list and a box

17 Dec

We’re flying to Seattle at the end of the week to begin our annual holiday traditions with family. We’ll be bouncing back and forth between Intern’s family and my own, but we’re looking forward to good meals on both sides, and maybe, just maybe a sneaky visit with a few Seattle friends. We never seem to have time to see everyone, but we’re hoping to sneak in something special. Fingers crossed (from now until the end of December) so there will be no snow or ice back home.

This weekend was full of holiday parties, a houseguest, Renegade Craft Fair and lots of errands…too many cookies and not enough spinach and greens. This week is going to be busy with travel prep, wrapping up invoices, mailing packages and everything else that comes along with a few days away from home, and away from work. The cats have been very appreciative of some new boxes thanks to Amazon and a few other places. Some boxes are so good in fact, they have to be shared.

San Francisco fall

31 Oct

My mom’s visit to SF coincided with some very nice weather, so we took advantage of the sun  over the course of several days with a few adventures in the Marin Headlands and Healdsburg for wine tasting and a picnic. We’ve passed the Headlands dozens of times on our way to other destinations, but we’d never stopped until now. Holy crap, it is insanely beautiful over there. We hiked for a bit over the beach, then drove around on some of the winding one-way roads to catch different views of the bridge and the skyline across the water.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, there are very few days of warm weather in the fall, and nearly every outdoor adventure requires a waterproof jacket or at least some warm layers. This is the weather that makes me ache when I think of someday leaving San Francisco and returning to Seattle. We are heading into our fourth winter here in the city, two winters more than we’d ever planned for. When we first moved to SF, we were certain we’d stay for two years and return home, but that plan was extended, and extended, and now we’ve all but stopped talking about a return date. The possibility remains of course, but its hard to discuss when we think of the months of gray and darkness that are waiting for us in Seattle. Many wonderful things are waiting for us as well, like our families, friends, good food, beautiful scenery, places we love… but we’ve come to find most of those things here in San Francisco as well.


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