Estate Sale Find

5 Mar

Another Friday morning away from work, another estate sale just outside the city. I keep meaning to stop it, but I haven’t yet. Not yet anyway. If it wasn’t for my partner in thrift, I’d be tucked into the office every Friday morning, working. Instead, Friday morning rolls around and a few texts later, I’m trading stretch pants for real pants, we’re arranging who will do the driving, listing out our work worries, justifying our need(s) to get away from the office, and pulling up to another estate sale. Cash in hand. Hunting game faces on.

Yes, I like a bargain at the end of a treasure hunt, but thats not the big reason why I like estate sales. Estate sales are like museums of real life. Catalogs of things– some glamorous, mundane, exotic or extremely well-loved. Every sale is a snapshot of a period of time, of someone else’s life. That snapshot might not be accurate, it most certainly is cluttered and curated in a certain sale-y way. Its a fleeting sort of experience, you are watching (and participating!) in the dismantling of someone’s life through their leftover things. Sometimes the overall effect is a sad one (ex: aging wedding dresses hanging on doors), and sometimes, its incredible. America! This is what it looks like in San Francisco, and who would ever really know that without seeing it firsthand? We’re a nation of collectors, keeping up with the Joneses, keeping memories and things, one on top of the other, and forgetting most of it.


Kittens turn 3

3 Mar

Kittens! Or should I say, kittens no more. Today these cat-hooligans turn three! These well-loved, unplanned and ultimately best-worst decisions we ever made came into our lives during a whirlwind of stress and poor planning. We said goodbye to a perfectly reasonable life with two cats, and hello to humans being outnumbered by felines, 2 to 1. I love these rascals, even though we do occasionally look back at our life pre-feline chaos, back when our couch was unmarred by little claws, our bed wasn’t dominated by cats, and our grocery list didn’t always look like we were shopping for a cat shelter. Can’t go back, and we love these cats intensely.

These guys are my constant companions, my shadows, and in constant competition for space on my office chair. While our older cats are a bit more aloof and less-frequently needy, these young cats are all in my business, all the time. Most of the time, I love it. With four cats comes chaos, allergies and a  lot of laughter and cat talk. Cat talk for life.


What I’m working on

24 Feb

Midwife Ellie sneak peek
The past two months have flown by already. I’ve been wrapping up work on a few recent client projects, as well as some ongoing product development for my shop. I’m just finishing an identity and web project for Midwife Ellie. This project has been a engaging experience– essentially, another affirmation for being self-employed. I’ve been fortunate to find work with clients who are working in fields that are so different from my own, but that I also find so fascinating.

When Ellie first reached out a few months back, I was thrilled to be asked to create a brand new identity for her midwifery practice. Midwifery can have some polarizing reactions and stereotypes for some, and it was an engrossing topic to research and explore as we worked towards developing a modern logo representative of Ellie’s practice and style of care. Midwife Ellie’s new site just launched last week and I’m eagerly waiting to see all the print pieces, currently in the queue at the printers.

Last week I kicked off a creative project of a different nature, working with a local makeup artist, Nikol Elaine on a fun print project launching in the next few weeks. I’ve also begun working on the relaunch of my website, which will be launching at the end of March. For now, I’ve started documenting some recent projects and peeks at current work over on Dribbble.

Last but not least…. NEW RECORD DIVIDER SETS! The shop has had some really welcoming and kind press mentions lately, from The Dieline, Selectism, Mr Cup and Under Consideration. If you’re curious, you can read the rest of the mentions here.

I’ve got a handful of new divider sets that I’ll be adding to the shop over the coming week or two. I’ve focused my work on two main goals for the shop. The first goal has been to design some new sets for collectors who are just starting out, who have under 25 records, or have perhaps pared their collection down to the the essentials. 26 dividers can be overkill for some audiophiles who maybe only collect a few artists, or for those who just don’t have the space to store a large record collection.

These new divider sets are only 6 panels instead of 26, but can easily expand to accommodate a growing collection. The second goal I’ve been whittling away at has been to create a line of record dividers with a lower price point. This has been very tricky, with a significant number of (frustrating) challenges along the way. I don’t want to sacrifice quality (or give in to different/cheaper and less interesting methods of production) but at the same time, I know the original collection is cost prohibitive for some. Production costs are very high, but I’ve finally worked out a solution that will help create more entry options for all kinds of record collectors.

Estate Sale Snooping

18 Feb


I went to another Friday estate sale last week, this time under the guise of sharing my estate sale interest with family. They were curious and I needed very little encouragement to take Friday off for a bit of exploring and thrifting. This sale was particularly packed with furniture, glassware, kitchen tools and board games, but few treasures were found. Mostly, it was a good sale to snoop around at. The house was an old rambler with lots of wood paneling and built-ins, with a neglected pool out back, surrounded by eucalyptus trees and citrus. Based on the things I saw, the family seemed to be chair lovers, brass candleholder hoarders and really into boardgames and drinking. I came home with a heavy large glazed terra-cotta bowl from Italy for $12.

Soup season

17 Feb


We’re on a weeks-long soup kick– the fridge-clearing, one big pot kind of soup. Its not all soup, all the time over here, but we’ve been eating a lot of soup. I thought I wasn’t a soup-person (aside from the soup my mother makes) but I’ve been gravitating towards soup-making and soup-eating for weeks, with no signs of tiring. Actually, a certain Intern of mine has expressed some minestrone-exhaustion on his side of the table.  Onwards, to new, different soups I guess. My soup inspiration frequently and without fail comes from Rachel, I could even possibly claim that her blog and recipes are the reason I’ve become so soup-supportive.

After a months-long break from our favorite CSA, and in fairness, a long break from regular weeknight cooking and meal-planning, we’re getting back into the habit. We’re back on the vegetable CSA wagon, and the cooking-to-relax program. Sort of. Mostly, but we’re trying. Even if it appears as though we’ve been slaving away in the kitchen on the regular, takeout sushi and simple meals have become our usual fare during busy work periods. The last few weeks have been work-y and busy as usual, but we’re trying out new recipes and revisiting recipes we’ve forgotten about. Getting back to cooking to get back to a calmer, more restful pattern. Thats the idea anyway.


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