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Real Life (with 4 cats)

14 May

There is little to be said that could fully capture the amazing nature of this moment. This rarely happens. From left to right: Neebu, Lucca, Sofia and Muuli.  I already shared another version of this photo on Instagram, but I can’t help myself.


Here it comes

22 Nov

shop ABCshop XYZ

Little shop in the Mission

16 Jul


One of my favorite shops in the Mission happens to be run by two charming  pals, Charles and Kelvin. The guys opened Schatzi a little over three months ago, and have been going strong ever since. They’ve got a good eye for some very beautiful, sometimes humorous, but always well-designed art and objects. We stopped in over the weekend to pick up a little birthday something for Intern, and check out what else is new in the shop. If ever you are in need of a brass animal, instructional chart, cat-shaped pot or a Clare Vivier bag, Schatzi has you covered. That and a whole lot more.

Birthdays for interns

8 Jul


My dear Intern and I are three days into celebrating a particularly big(ish) Intern birthday. Intern doesn’t always love his birthdays, so we tried to a have a few small celebrations peppered throughout the long weekend. Drinks and snacks at Trick Dog, a Russian River picnic, and a few small celebratory toasts at home. Tonight we’re going out to dinner to have one last little celebration, for the absolute best, most wonderful Intern Cat-dad, partner and friend.

Party prep

16 May


Things are moving quickly here at Skill Exchange party HQ this week. The launch party at Makeshift Society is tomorrow! Decorations are in-process, goodie bags are waiting to be filled and signs are printed. The cocktail recipe is about to be tested, and all my checklists are growing and shrinking in equal measure. As soon as I check one item off (meet the volunteers for a cocktail and quick rundown of their duties, check!) I add one more to the list: source basil for basil-infused simple syrup for cocktails. We fell into bed last night, and got back up this morning and got to work, figuring out quantities and measurements for cocktails for 50+ people.


I love it and I’m stressed by it, but every ticket sale and kind email from a stranger is a reminder that all of this prep will lead to good workshops and a fun evening. Connections! Community! Exchange! All those things I set out to find. I’m my own boss here, no one is making me create adorable mustard yellow paper tassels for the party, I’m doing it for my own damn self! So, to all of you I’ll see tonight, new faces, friends, teachers and makers, see you soon. I might be a little scattered, but this thing is going to be amazing.


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