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Soup season

17 Feb


We’re on a weeks-long soup kick– the fridge-clearing, one big pot kind of soup. Its not all soup, all the time over here, but we’ve been eating a lot of soup. I thought I wasn’t a soup-person (aside from the soup my mother makes) but I’ve been gravitating towards soup-making and soup-eating for weeks, with no signs of tiring. Actually, a certain Intern of mine has expressed some minestrone-exhaustion on his side of the table.  Onwards, to new, different soups I guess. My soup inspiration frequently and without fail comes from Rachel, I could even possibly claim that her blog and recipes are the reason I’ve become so soup-supportive.

After a months-long break from our favorite CSA, and in fairness, a long break from regular weeknight cooking and meal-planning, we’re getting back into the habit. We’re back on the vegetable CSA wagon, and the cooking-to-relax program. Sort of. Mostly, but we’re trying. Even if it appears as though we’ve been slaving away in the kitchen on the regular, takeout sushi and simple meals have become our usual fare during busy work periods. The last few weeks have been work-y and busy as usual, but we’re trying out new recipes and revisiting recipes we’ve forgotten about. Getting back to cooking to get back to a calmer, more restful pattern. Thats the idea anyway.


Winter meals

27 Jan

Blood oranges | German pancakes | vanilla-bourbon cream | Grilled eggplant salad with sumac dressing and mint | weeknight risotto

New holiday traditions

29 Nov

We celebrated a quiet and sunny Thanksgiving this year, surrounded by felines (normal for us), and enjoying our favorite holiday tradition: lamb for thanksgiving. Not traditional perhaps, but it is my most-favorite part of the holiday. We typically don’t travel home for Thanksgiving, so we’ve started a few of our own traditions. This year’s holiday included Calistoga hot springs, rack of lamb, a nice bottle of lambrusco and snacks while we cooked, and we capped the evening with sweatpants, bananagrams and a movie.

What we ate

15 Oct

Brunch: Whole wheat waffles with a poached egg and maple syrup.

Dinner: Cure-all lemongrass coconut soup with vegetables and udon noodles and a painfully good amount of sinus-clearing spice.


Dinner: Happy hour + putting away groceries + dinner prep = Seared King Salmon, grilled radicchio, tomato and goat cheese orzo… with a blistered pepper, just because.

What we ate, Indian week

20 Sep

With Intern’s parents in town this week and last, we basically gave up all cooking rights and responsibilities, and his mother took over.  A pleasure and a pain, but we enjoyed all the dishes she prepared.  Now that the kitchen is ours again, we’re craving raw vegetables. Some of our favorites last week included: whole wheat roti, made from scratch, every. single. day. Chai, at least twice a day (but none for me, just coffee). For breakfast, poha, a flattened rice dish, with curry leaves and fried peanuts,! We broke Ammi’s rule, and put a poached egg on top. It is not traditional, but it is delicious. The last photo, just a regular old weeknight dinner of moong daal, roti, potatoes with tomato and onion, okra and two kinds of achar. If achar (Indian pickle) is on the table, I am eating it all.

Delicious Indian street food we shared at Vik’s in Berkeley. At this point in our full week of all Indian, all the time eating, we ordered too many dishes, and ate them all. I don’t even know what we ordered.

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