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Cats and an anniversary

24 Mar


It is time for some cats on this blog. I could write about the record shop, or the upcoming relaunch of my design website, or the meals we have and haven’t been cooking, the fact that spring is here (for now anyway) …or I could just talk about cats. Cats it is.


Look at these cats! Sofia, the oldest siamese goes through occasional phases of “late night mothering” where she carries around a little stuffed kitten in her mouth at night, and cries like the world is ending. Long, loud and seriously mournful cries at 3AM. I’ll call out to her, and she always comes running, carrying her little baby in her mouth, but dropping it at our bedroom door as she races in. None of the other cats seem to mind her routine, and they don’t seem to care particularly for her baby, but she has loved that thing since she was a kitten.

Neebu has been an intensely snuggly (needy) cat lately. He has always been very attached to his humans, but particularly since his accident last year. Every night, he wiggles his way into our bed, right in the middle, and frequently manages to sleep with his head on one of our pillows, just like people. He’ll stay there all night, and frequently stays in bed long after the humans have left. The first week of April marks one full year since his surgery, and he is without a doubt recovered and completely unfazed by his little post-injury limp. I feel absolutely relieved to be one year away from the most intense cat-related crying I have ever done, and Intern is probably super happy that he never comes home to me crying about our pathetic cone-wearing cat anymore. Feelings all over back then.

His sister Muuli is more or less exactly the same as she was months after his surgery, continually expressing indifference, hissing dislike, and playful mild interest towards her brother all day, every day. In a hour long period she will rotate through all her feline-freak reactions towards him: first indifference, then seconds later growling and smacking, then will turn a corner, be completely startled by him, come back and lick him on her way to take a nap. Maybe also in there: more growling and also purring.


Kittens turn 3

3 Mar

Kittens! Or should I say, kittens no more. Today these cat-hooligans turn three! These well-loved, unplanned and ultimately best-worst decisions we ever made came into our lives during a whirlwind of stress and poor planning. We said goodbye to a perfectly reasonable life with two cats, and hello to humans being outnumbered by felines, 2 to 1. I love these rascals, even though we do occasionally look back at our life pre-feline chaos, back when our couch was unmarred by little claws, our bed wasn’t dominated by cats, and our grocery list didn’t always look like we were shopping for a cat shelter. Can’t go back, and we love these cats intensely.

These guys are my constant companions, my shadows, and in constant competition for space on my office chair. While our older cats are a bit more aloof and less-frequently needy, these young cats are all in my business, all the time. Most of the time, I love it. With four cats comes chaos, allergies and a  lot of laughter and cat talk. Cat talk for life.



23 Dec


You read that right. This isn’t Christmas vacation, but VACATION CHRISTMAS! This year we grabbed the holiday by the horns (or maybe antlers) and are focused on making this a different holiday experience. Hanging out in the suburbs? nope! A slight fear of getting snowed or iced in? nope! Opening a bottle of wine at 3, then watching a movie? SURE! Going for a walk in the city, grabbing a drink, eating brunch on a Monday? Yes, yes yes.


I’m taking the rest of the year off to recharge, reflect and enjoy the last few days of 2013 with family and friends. My mom and sister are in town and the popcorn is popped, the sun is out, and we’re all ready to do the holiday a little differently this year. We’re taking care of each other, and giving ourselves permission to make the holidays easy. We’re celebrating with people we love and taking time for focus on experience, relaxation, and making a few new traditions before we say goodbye to 2013. This year has been a rewarding and challenging one (with a few surprises) and as always, full of cats.


Working remotely

6 Nov


I’m away from the office for the next two weeks, so this guy and I won’t be battling for my office chair during peak office-sun hours. While I’m away, lots of projects are underway and many will be completed by the time I return. I’m taking a few days off, but fortunately my teammates and collaborators are not. My new online shop is being built (hurray!) custom boxes and letterpress labels will be printed by The Aesthetic Union in his brand new studio space, wood display boxes for my laser cut dividers will be cut and assembled, and everything will be ready just in time for a weekend of photo shoots and product packaging upon my return home!

Hot summer + summer cold

7 Oct


Summer weather + wild fire smoke from the south + possible allergies/summer cold… have all made our sinuses confused and exhausted. This weekend the cats were hot, we were hot, and we went to bed earlier than we’ve been to bed in months. Hot tea in hot weather? We’re trying it, and trying to avoid that summer cold that is moving around us. Work has been extremely hectic for the last few weeks, but also creative and interesting. This weekend we held our second Social Club meeting… details and photos to follow later this week!


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